Video: How to Use the Honda Parking Sensor System


Many Honda models from 2018 and beyond have a parking sensor system installed. The purpose of this system is to help drivers back up and park safely. Many accidents occur on any given day in a parking lot because drivers were unaware of how close they were to cars next to them. Sometimes, drivers just aren't the most sensible when it comes to parking within the lines. The Honda parking sensor system can help you park safely and ensure that those around you park safely, too.

Where Can You Find The Parking Sensor Button

First, it's important to know where the button that controls your parking sensor system is located. This button can be used to turn the sensors on or off. You can find it on the left-hand side of your steering wheel below the dashboard. You'll be able to spot it from the others with its inscribed 'Png' lettering. When it's on, there will be a green light on the button. Once it is off, the green light is no longer lit.

What The Sensors Sense

How far can your sensors actually detect? There are four sensors located on the corners of your car. Each of these sensors has a 24-inch range. This makes it easier to know if there is something in your blind spot. There are also sensors at the rear of your car. These rear sensors are able to detect objects that are within 43 inches of your vehicle. It's also important to know that these parking sensors only work when you are traveling at 5 miles per hour or less. Essentially, making them only useful for parking.

 How to use Honda Parking Sensing

Using The Camera

Your parking sensors can also turn on the rearview camera when you're back up. It offers two different settings. The normal view allows you to see front indicators in the upper right of the camera. The rear sensors are indicated along the bottom of the camera. The other setting is the split-screen setting. This basically allows you to also have an overhead graphic of your vehicle along with the camera.

Your camera and sensors work to inform you of how close you are to an object. As you creep closer to an object, beeps will go off. You'll also notice a yellow color on your indicators. This beeping will increase in quantity the closer you get to the object. The yellow color will also switch from amber to red once you are within dangerous proximity to the object.

Turning Rear Sensors Off

In the event that you need to turn off just the rear sensors, it's quite easy. You just need to follow these steps. First, turn the car off. Then, hold the Png button while you turn the car back on. You need to wait 10 seconds while holding the button after the car is on. Once you hear a beeping sound and the light blinks, you can release the button. Press it one more time to turn the sensors off entirely.

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Honda Parking Sensing System corner and rear sensors
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