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Honda Civic Tour

Honda Civic Tour

Music and cars are a natural combination. That's especially apparent with the Honda Civic Tour! This year, Honda combines the Honda Civic Tour, which now enters its 20th year of existence, with the 2022 Honda Civic, which gets some exciting and notable updates. In addition, the Civic is now in its 50th year of production, and it has some special features to honor its equally impressive milestone.

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About Aid for Educators

Teacher's classroom supplies on a desk  

The classroom is a sacred place for Texas teachers and students, a place where they can explore the many academic subjects in our world. To properly educate, teachers need the right supplies to drive home their lessons. Students benefit from well-financed teachers, and society by extension, benefits from students who've had good education over the years. Aid for Educators wants to give teachers the grants they need to supply their classrooms with materials adequately.

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What Happens if I Need to Charge My Honda Clarity in the Rain?

2020 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid  

Honda Clarity is an electric vehicle that replenishes its power with electricity. Many people often question the safety of charging an electric vehicle in rainy weather. However, you don't have to worry because electric vehicles are engineered to withstand water and rain as it has been weatherproofed to insulate the connection. The recharging station is also built to handle this weather. OSHA has tested the Honda Clarity charger to ensure it meets the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) safety standards.

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Vandergriff Honda Named 2019 Energy Efficiency Leader

Honda Civic

Vandergriff Honda was recently named a 2019 Energy Efficiency Leader by the Honda Environmental Leadership Program, also known as the Green Dealer Program. The annual recognition was awarded to dealers that showed exceptional energy performance compared to other dealerships in their area, based on their energy use per square foot of building space. Vandergriff Honda was one of only 34 dealerships in the entire US to be recognized.

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5 Things to Do During Covid-19 Social Distancing

Work Desk  

Vandergriff Honda wants all of those in the local community and throughout the United States to know that we are committed to social distancing to combat the spread of COVID-19. We know that it can be hard to separate ourselves from loved ones, but here are five things you can do while social distancing during this pandemic.

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Why the Honda Insight Is a Top Hybrid?

Honda Insight

Plenty of Exciting Features

When the Insight was originally released as the first hybrid car made by Honda in 1999, it was also the first hybrid vehicle available to North American consumers. At the time, it had a futuristic look and stunning capabilities that generated considerable intrigue. Over the years, Honda has gone to great lengths to regularly improve the Insight so that it remains a leading contender for green car shoppers. The 2019 Insight ushered in the line’s third generation and brought plenty of exciting features and improvements in the process.

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