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Why Are Honda Hybrid Models Popular?

2021 Honda Accord Hybrid  

Honda hybrid vehicles are some of the most popular cars on the market. Today, Honda makes a handful of fuel-conscious vehicles designed to have environmental benefits and save drivers money at the gas station. Although Honda has recently released many revolutionary new hybrid models, its first attempt at creating a more fuel-efficient vehicle dates back to the 1970s.

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How To Use Honda Sensing

Honda Sensing Cross Traffic Monitor on Honda CR-V EX

Honda Sensing is advanced driver-assist safety technology included on Honda vehicles starting in the 2018 model year. Honda Sensing includes a core group of safety amenities and more available features if you want additional protection on the road as you're driving on the highway, managing city driving, or parking. The amenities you'll get with the Honda Sensing safety package differ depending on the model and trim. Our dealership will gladly provide more details about the Honda Sensing options for your preferred Honda.

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What Happens if I Need to Charge My Honda Clarity in the Rain?

2020 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid  

Honda Clarity is an electric vehicle that replenishes its power with electricity. Many people often question the safety of charging an electric vehicle in rainy weather. However, you don't have to worry because electric vehicles are engineered to withstand water and rain as it has been weatherproofed to insulate the connection. The recharging station is also built to handle this weather. OSHA has tested the Honda Clarity charger to ensure it meets the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) safety standards.

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Vandergriff Honda Named 2019 Energy Efficiency Leader

Honda Civic

Vandergriff Honda was recently named a 2019 Energy Efficiency Leader by the Honda Environmental Leadership Program, also known as the Green Dealer Program. The annual recognition was awarded to dealers that showed exceptional energy performance compared to other dealerships in their area, based on their energy use per square foot of building space. Vandergriff Honda was one of only 34 dealerships in the entire US to be recognized.

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How Honda Updated Its CPO Program?

Honda Updated its Certified Pre-Owned Program

Honda has beefed up its already great coverage for vehicles that are model years 2018-2019. The original Honda Certified Pre-owned coverage remains in effect for all models that qualify that don't fall within these model years. No matter what year you choose, a Honda Certified Pre-owned vehicle is certain to deliver with a warranty to guarantee these claims. Vandergriff Honda in Arlington is proud to offer many models to choose from ready for immediate delivery. Cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and more are all available.

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Why the Buzz for Honda Hybrid Cars?

Why to Buzz for Honda

Honda Hybrid Vehicles Are All The Rage

Have you noticed lately how Honda Hybrid vehicles are all the rage among the younger generations? This is something that market watchers are paying a lot of attention to. Everyone wants to know what millennials are interested in because they know how much this can dictate the market as a whole.

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How to Turn Honda Lane Assist On and Off

Honda Lane Assist On and OffThere are certain times when people will want to turn Lane Assist On or Off. If you're in a high attention driving mode, you might not want to know if you're changing lanes without signaling because there may not be another driver for miles around.
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