Your Honda's parking sensor system is designed to help you avoid hitting objects in your path when you are driving forward or in reverse. Honda's innovative parking sensor system is included on select models, with some variation among trim levels. If your Honda comes equipped with parking sensors, you will want to learn how to use the sensors to make the most of your vehicle's premium safety features.

What Is the Honda Parking Sensor System?

Honda's parking sensor system comes in handy when you are reversing or trying to navigate your vehicle in tight spaces. Many Honda models with parking sensors have sensors in both the front and back of the vehicle. The sensors will notify you with an audible warning if you get too close to another car or other object in your path of travel. The closer your vehicle comes to hitting another vehicle or object, the louder the sensors will beep. While the sensors may help you avoid an accident and extensive repair bills, they are also sleek in design and made in the same paint color as the exterior for a seamless appearance. Depending on the Honda model you drive, the sensors can be deactivated during unwarranted situations, such as when you need to have the vehicle towed.

How to use Honda Parking Sensing

Using Your Honda's Parking Sensor System

Every Honda parking sensor system can be activated when you want the system to work or turn off to avoid unwanted alarms, such as when your car needs a tow. The button that controls the parking sensor is located on the left-hand side of the steering wheel. To activate the system, all you need to do is press the button. The system will remain active unless you press the button a second time, which then turns the parking sensors off. When the sensors are on, you'll see a green light.

Helpful Tips

Honda Parking Sensing System corner and rear sensors

The parking sensors can sense objects within 43 inches of your vehicle. The sensors work at speeds of five miles per hour or less. If objects are detected between 43 and 33 inches from your car, the light on the sensor button will turn yellow. Objects between 18 and 33 inches will cause the light to turn red. If you're less than 18 inches away from hitting an object, the system's light will start flashing, and it will be accompanied by an audible beeping sound. Keep in mind that sensors may not detect all objects, so it's important always to remain aware of your surroundings.

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