Engine Noise  

As a driver, you may notice there are times when your car starts to make unusual sounds or noises. It's common for the noises to come from the engine due to mechanical issues that begin to develop. It can be a severe issue that develops in many cases, making it necessary to schedule service with your local mechanic. This will ensure you can get to the bottom of the issue of the sounds before they start to escalate the more you drive.


Squealing noises from the engine are known to be extremely loud and high-pitched. This is often due to a worn pulley or belt that is present under the hood. If you fail to inspect the cause of the problem, it can cause the engine to fail and for your car to be inoperable. You may only notice that the noise is present whenever you reduce your speed or come to a complete stop, which means there's an issue with the brakes. This means the brake pads are low and need to be replaced. Excessive damage can start to occur if the brake components begin to rub against each other as you drive if you fail to replace the parts.


When your oil level is low or there isn't enough oil pressure under the hood, it often results in a ticking noise. Start by turning off the car and allowing the engine to cool down before checking the oil level. If the problem resumes, it can be due to low oil pressure. Avoid driving the car any further until a mechanic performs the necessary repairs.

Clunk or Click When Turning the Car

Suspension problems that are present can cause loud clunking noises to develop, which are noticeable every time you turn the car to the left or right. A worn CV joint can also cause the sound to form. Hire a mechanic to inspect the sound before excessive damage starts to occur to your suspension parts or axles.



When problems develop with your hoses, hissing noises start to occur. You'll need to take a look at the temperature gauge to determine if your engine is starting to overheat. You may also notice steam that is coming from the engine. Avoid driving the car if these signs are present.

Visit or contact our dealership today to learn more about these sounds. We can diagnose the issues and get your car back on the road after restoring its operation.

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