Honda Lane Assist On and Off

Select models of Honda vehicle have a Lane Assist System available (marked LKAS on the menu) that enables people to be safer as they travel in their own lane. That's sort of what driving is all about, at least in a safety sense. It's your goal to stay in your own lane and never veer over to the left or right enough to cause an accident. Changing lanes can sometimes be dangerous, especially if it's on a heavily traveled highway area where many cars are lined up making their journey. The purpose of Honda's Lane Assist feature is to give you an alert when you begin getting out of your own lane and become dangerously close to crowding someone else on the road.

How To Turn Honda Lane Assist On and Off

The steering wheel is your ticket to operating the Lane Assist system. Lane Keeping is composed of two things: (1) The system monitoring, through technology, where you are in relation to your lane, and (2) Giving off a Lane Departure Warning if you're leaving your lane without signaling. This is a common situation on many of today's highways, and the Lane Assist system keeps accidents from happening by letting the driver know that they need to stop changing lanes and signal before they make a critical error for themselves and other drivers on the road.

There are certain times when people will want to turn Lane Assist On or Off. If you're in a high attention driving mode, you might not want to know if you're changing lanes without signaling because there may not be another driver for miles around. In other situations, you'll want to rely heavily on your Lane Assist feature. If you have a Honda model that has a Lane Keep Assist feature, you can turn it off by accessing your MAIN menu on the steering wheel. Once you've pressed MAIN, you'll see if your LKAS is on. If it is on, you'll see the lanes depicted. If it's on and you want it off, just click LKAS. That's it! Your system will be off. When you access MAIN on the steering wheel again, you won't' see the lanes depicted or lit up. If it's off and you want it on, just press LKAS, and you're back in business with your Lane Assist feature activated and ready to keep you safe from illegal lane changes or lapses in attention where you might leave your lane without intending to.

Contact Our Dealership to Learn More

We've got tons of Honda models that feature the Lane Assist system, but not all of our models are going to feature this safety and driver-assist system, so if you are intent on owning a Honda model that has this amazing feature, make sure you ask us to show you models that will have Lane Assist either as standard or optional. Higher trims of certain models are more likely to feature Lane Assist. Other lower trims may have it available as an optional feature. Sadly, there are still some Honda models that don't have Lane Assist systems as a feature, so if you want to own a Honda that has this feature, please tell our salesperson that Lane Assist is a must-feature for you.

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