Summer Maintenance Tips  

The summer season is when you're prone to spending more time on the road, whether you take a road trip to a new state or want to take a day trip to a different city. Getting your car ready for your summer explorations is necessary to avoid potential repairs that may be needed due to a lack of care. Our dealership in Arlington can allow your car to have more longevity and better performance. There are a few summer maintenance tips to follow to avoid mechanical problems.

Change the Oil

Start by changing the oil in your car to ensure the engine operates appropriately without experiencing damage. The oil is often affected by high temperatures and can fail to flow properly through the different parts of the engine. New oil will improve the quality of the parts and will deliver enhanced performance. You can also use a mechanic to change the oil filter to keep the engine parts cleaner.

Check the Tires

Don't forget to check your tires and perform a visual inspection to get an idea of how much tread is left, which is necessary to ensure you have enough traction on the road. The tires typically last 50,000 miles before they start to wear down and are in poor condition. Rotating the tires will also help the tread to wear evenly on all four tires. Another vital part of caring for your tires is inflating them to the correct level. More air in the tires will help the car conserve more fuel when you're driving long distances.

Add More Fluids

There are several fluids in your vehicle that need to be topped off to keep the different components of your car working correctly. Add more transmission fluid and steering fluid for proper operation. You can also top off the windshield wiper fluid to keep the glass clean and allow you to have a better view of the road while spending time traveling. This can help you to avoid hitting potential hazards that are present.

Test the Battery

The battery in your car needs to be tested to ensure it'll last throughout the summer season without dying. Batteries tend to have more issues in the heat, making it necessary to have something in place that is newer and in good condition.

Contact our service department today to get the help you need with performing maintenance on your vehicle for your summer travels.