Honda and Sony Announce Plan to Start New EV Brand Together  

Recently, both Honda and Sony announced plans that they intend to start a new EV brand together. The plan is to have the brand start sometime in 2022. The new company they make will hopefully begin creating new vehicles by sometime around 2025.

New EV Company

This new company will be building and selling new electric vehicles. They have an ambitious timeline for putting out their first electric vehicle in just a few ways. The idea is that Honda will let them have the manufacturing facilities for building the new vehicles, whereas Sony will focus on its tech advantage.

This has caused a considerable amount of hype as Honda and Sony are separately known for making particularly high-quality vehicles. It's anyone's guess as to what kind of vehicles they will make together.

The two are still negotiating exactly how all the details will work out, but there is a certain sense of urgency when it comes to getting the company formed and the first EV models out. After that will come more about commercializing and getting the mobility services going. There isn't any exact information yet about what the name will be, but there's the anticipation of that coming out.

Rumors and Things to Look Forward to in the Recent Future

Sony will also be in charge of handling the platform that will be used for the mobility service. Honda is also doing another partnership that is coming from GM. There will be two of these initially and they will come out sometime around 2024. These include the Honda Prologue and another vehicle that will be part of the Accra premium lineup.

Additionally, Sony is also working on its Vision-s 02 prototype, which will be an electric crossover. The earlier version of this vehicle showed how Sony is getting serious about entering the EV market both now and on into the future.

It's worth wondering how all of this is going to work and what might come out from these two huge brands now they are working together.

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