To ensure your ultimate satisfaction with purchasing a new vehicle, Honda began selling all of its new cars with a select list of factory warranties in recent years. Now your Honda in the model year 2019, and newer models come equipped with various factory warranties. These warranties will cover your car's components that become damaged, rusted, or otherwise break even if you're operating the vehicle under normal and expected conditions. The factory warranties cover parts in the powertrain system, the emissions control system, body panels, tires, safety equipment, and more. Even more, coverage is available through Honda's MPP plans.

New Vehicle Limited Warranty

When you buy a new Honda, it will automatically come with a New Vehicle Limited Warranty. This warranty covers replacement costs for all original manufacturer parts on your car. The warranty also provides separate coverage for a battery if you drive a hybrid. The warranty is valid for a total of 36,000 miles or the first three years of vehicle ownership, whichever milestone comes first.

Federal and California Emissions Warranty

Honda vehicles also have their emissions components covered through a warranty. New Honda cars have emissions coverage that generally applies to vehicles purchased and driven anywhere in the United States. However, there is also a separate state-specific warranty plan for vehicles purchased in California. The California Emissions Warranty also covers states that follow California's emissions regulations.

Powertrain Limited Warranty

The Powertrain Limited Warranty covers parts in the car's mechanical system, including the engine, transmission, and axles, along with their associated parts. Honda's Powertrain Limited Warranty lasts five years or 60,000 miles.

Hybrid Powertrain Warranty

Honda's Powertrain Warranty is a separate warranty that exclusively covers hybrid powertrain components. This warranty also covers replacement for Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) systems. Hybrid batteries are covered under this warranty as well. The warranty takes effect on the day you buy the car.

Rust Perforation Limited Warranty

For up to five years or the first 150,000 miles to drive your car, the Rust Perforation Limited Warranty includes coverage for rust that damages the Honda's body panels. The warranty extends for five years.

Seat Belt Limited Warranty

Honda's Seat Belt Limited Warranty covers the cost of replacing the seat belts in your car if they fail to work properly. The warranty covers seat belt replacement for up to 15 years or a total of 150,000 miles.

Additional MPP Plans

If your Honda is older than the models with a factory warranty, you can still purchase additional protection through MPP plans. MPP plans include lease wear protection, GAP coverage, service contracts, and extended warranties designed for older Honda vehicles.

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