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Why Are There Different Types of Engine Oil?

Customers who buy a vehicle at our dealership often wonder why there are so many different engine oil types and which one is suitable for their car or truck. Several factors go into which motor oil is best for your engine, including where you live, how you drive, the age of your vehicle and its mileage, and even the time of year. You'll never have to worry about what you put into your car as our staff technicians know which one to use. We stock the following oil types.

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Suppose you want a product that is chemically engineered to provide you with optimal performance and lubrication. In that case, the choice is full synthetic motor oil, as it works better in hot and cold conditions. Full synthetic oil is composed of man-made components that are chemically modified from petroleum products. Choose this oil for better resistance to oxidation and higher viscosity.

This oil type of often more expensive, but it's often worth the investment, especially if you have an older vehicle. It's also a good choice for drivers who live in extreme climates in summer or winter.

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

About half of all drivers choose synthetic blends for their engines. It's particularly popular for owners of SUVs and pickup trucks as it provides superior protection when carrying heavier loads. This mixture of synthetic and conventional oils gives better were protection over engine components. Plus, it costs a lot less than pure synthetic motor oil.

Conventional Motor Oil

Available in a broad range of viscosities, conventional oils are also the most commonly used on the market. You'll benefit from this oil if you have a conservative driving style and have a vehicle with a simple engine design.

High-Mileage Motor Oil

Once your vehicle has passed 75,000, it's time to switch to high-mileage oil. These oils come with unique additives to minimize oil burn-off and leaks while reducing oil consumption and emissions.

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