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How Often Should I Service My Honda Civic?

Honda Civic service intervals are on the mind of every responsible Civic owner. These are the critical milestones in your model's life where you need to see a certified auto technician for replacements or inspections. During routine oil changes, certified auto mechanics often visually inspect certain areas of your vehicle according to this Honda Civic maintenance schedule. This keeps your model running more efficiently and for much longer. For more precise intervals, your service manual will be handy, as each trim has different intervals.

15,000 Mile Service

At 15,000 miles, the oil and oil filter usually needs changing. Our team will check oil levels and your filter to see if this is necessary. Visual inspections and checks are most important early on. We inspect things like suspension components, brakes, fluid level, and exhaust system. If anything is off at this early time, our team can quickly identify the problem and fix it. Catching problems early will determine the health of your vehicle over an extensive period.

30,000-Mile Service

The spark plugs and drive belts are the focus of this service check. Spark plugs wear down by 30,000 miles sometimes, so if yours need replacing, our team will instantly know. Adjusting drive belts is common at this point, too, to make sure they're properly placed and functioning perfectly.

60,000-Mile Service

The air cleaner element protects your engine. If it gets too dirty, many bad things can get into your engine and affect its short-term performance. If you let this go, it causes damage over the long term. If needed, our team will replace your air cleaner element at about 60,000 miles.

75,000-Mile Service

Engine coolant prevents freezeouts and heatwaves. It's common to need new coolant at about 75,000 miles. The team here knows which type of coolant you will need as well. They often vary by model or trim.

90,000-Mile Service

Your transmission and brakes have been at work for a while now, and they'll often need fluid replacement at about 90,000 miles. The team here inspects both components carefully, measures levels, and, if needed, will replace both transmission and brake fluid.

Our team is ready to keep your Honda Civic maintenance schedule on track. Consult your service manual for comprehensive service schedules, or contact our certified auto mechanics to schedule service or learn more.

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