All-New 2019 Honda Insight Interior

The 2019 Honda Insight was recently revealed at the 2018 New York auto show where its sleek exterior and spacious cabin were showcased to the public. The automaker's hybrid model is similar in design to the Civic but has a long list of tech features for the modern consumer.

The latest Honda Insight will likely be in demand due to the most recent features that are incorporated into the vehicle. The car is built with LED fog lights that improve visibility on the road and also make the car easy to spot by other drivers.

What Tech Features Will I Find in My 2019 Insight?

The 8.0-inch touchscreen display is more extensive than infotainment systems that are available in other competing vehicles, making it easy to perform multiple functions with ease while behind the wheel. Although the car is similar in design to the Honda Civic, it appears more regal and upscale due to perforated leather seats and wifi that is available in the car. Passengers can also connect their smartphones to the system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that is provided. It also features soft instrument-panel trim, which adds a luxe touch to the interior. Passengers can also enjoy the view while riding in the car due to the large windows that work to improve visibility and prevent the cabin from feeling cramped.

The high-tech safety features are an added perk of purchasing the Insight, which reduces the risk of accidents and also improves the confidence of the driver. Automatic braking, traffic crawling, and a lane departure warning make it easier to remain in control of the vehicle in different weather and traffic conditions. Heated side mirrors are ideal for low temperatures, and heated front seats offer extra comfort.

How Does the Drivetrain Operate?

One of the main features that allow the Insight to stand out in the industry is the vehicle's 2-motor hybrid system, which offers improved fuel efficiency compared to its predecessor. The system also makes the car competitive with the Toyota Prius and the Hyundai Ioniq. Various paddles on the steering wheel make it easy to choose between different driving settings, depending on the type of drive that you want to enjoy.

The vehicle has a 106.3-inch wheelbase with 151 hp and 197 lb-ft of torque. Extra rear legroom also causes it to be an attractive option with impressive trunk capacity, making it an ideal car to take on long drives with adult passengers. The rear seats also fold to increase the amount of storage space that is available when transporting different types of items.

The exterior of the Insight stays true to the automaker's recognizable design and looks luxury considering its attractive price tag. The headlights look sharp and edgy and are one of the main focal points of the exterior.

Is It Safe?

Safety is also a top priority for Honda when designing the Insight with LaneWatch an extra feature that is included in the EX and Touring trims. A camera is included in the passenger-side mirror, which eliminates any blind spots.

The Insight is Honda's attempt to appeal to eco-conscious consumers but is still well-equipped. Although fuel-efficiency is a priority with the vehicle, the automaker is successful at incorporating other essential features to make the car model a well-rounded car that is ideal for daily commuting or when taking long trips on the road with multiple passengers.

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