Teacher's classroom supplies on a desk  

Aid for Educators Overview

The classroom is a sacred place for Texas teachers and students, a place where they can explore the many academic subjects in our world. To properly educate, teachers need the right supplies to drive home their lessons. Students benefit from well-financed teachers, and society by extension, benefits from students who've had good education over the years. Aid for Educators wants to give teachers the grants they need to supply their classrooms with materials adequately.

What Is Aid for Educators?

This non-profit charity was founded in 2013 and works out of Arlington, Texas. Their dedication to teachers is legendary in the area. Their directors work hard for the teachers and students they aim to help, and they hold education near and dear to their hearts. Some people aren't even aware that teachers pay out of pocket for their classroom materials. This can be challenging for teachers struggling financially to give their students the kind of quality class they deserve.

Aid for Educators takes donations and then has multiple programs for teachers to apply for grants and get the money they need to fund classrooms. In some cases, they outright donate supplies that teachers need to provide a great class for their kids successfully. They also help students get supplied, such as notebooks, folders, glue, and even hand sanitizer. These supplies all work to make the classroom a place that's more hospitable to learning. Sometimes it also makes the classroom a safer place.

It's unfortunate, but sometimes parents also can't afford the supplies that a class requires of their children. Aid for Educators can step in here, too, and help teachers help students. They work compassionately, listen to each teacher and student they help and learn how to get even more aid for them the next time. Overall, they've helped bring thousands of new supplies in for teachers and students, thus improving the quality of education kids in Arlington receive. As time moves forward, they hope to help still thousands more over the years achieve the visions they have for their students.

Learn More About This Non-Profit Organization

You can learn more about Aid for Educators by visiting their website and directly reading about their programs and how you can donate to them. Every little bit helps to get teachers the supplies they need to bring quality education to Arlington's children and teenagers.