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Why the Honda Insight Is a Top Hybrid?

Honda Insight

Plenty of Exciting Features

When the Insight was originally released as the first hybrid car made by Honda in 1999, it was also the first hybrid vehicle available to North American consumers. At the time, it had a futuristic look and stunning capabilities that generated considerable intrigue. Over the years, Honda has gone to great lengths to regularly improve the Insight so that it remains a leading contender for green car shoppers. The 2019 Insight ushered in the line’s third generation and brought plenty of exciting features and improvements in the process.

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How Honda Updated Its CPO Program?

Honda Updated its Certified Pre-Owned Program

Honda has beefed up its already great coverage for vehicles that are model years 2018-2019. The original Honda Certified Pre-owned coverage remains in effect for all models that qualify that don't fall within these model years. No matter what year you choose, a Honda Certified Pre-owned vehicle is certain to deliver with a warranty to guarantee these claims. Vandergriff Honda in Arlington is proud to offer many models to choose from ready for immediate delivery. Cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and more are all available.

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