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Why the Buzz for Honda Hybrid Cars?

Why to Buzz for Honda

Honda Hybrid Vehicles Are All The Rage

Have you noticed lately how Honda Hybrid vehicles are all the rage among the younger generations? This is something that market watchers are paying a lot of attention to. Everyone wants to know what millennials are interested in because they know how much this can dictate the market as a whole.

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How to Turn Honda Lane Assist On and Off

Honda Lane Assist On and OffThere are certain times when people will want to turn Lane Assist On or Off. If you're in a high attention driving mode, you might not want to know if you're changing lanes without signaling because there may not be another driver for miles around.
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Why You Should Change Your Air Filter this Spring

Springtime Preparation

Spring is in the air... along with dust and pollen. It's probably getting into your house, but did you know it's getting into your car, too? While you might know that spring is the time to thoroughly wash your car and get the tires aligned, did you know that you should also get the air filter cleaned? It is important to keep it cleaned and functioning properly. If you don't, the filter can get clogged with contaminants. Along with damaging the part itself, this can cause more extensive damage to other parts of your car, including the…

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How to Calibrate the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)?

TPMS Settings Honda Insight

There have been numerous advances in vehicle technology over the past few years, but we believe tire pressure monitoring systems or TPMS are one of the greatest. Not only is it very convenient to know when it's time to put some air in your tires, but there's also a safety factor to consider as well. Of course, you should know how to use and recalibrate your Honda's TPMS to ensure that it's working the way it should. While we can take care of it for you at our service center, you'll need to know how…

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